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Our area of expertise is single and multi-family dwellings and HOA's in Northeast Kansas, Wichita Kansas and surrounding communities, Kansas City, KS and MO and surrounding communities.



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Client Testimonials

Hi Bill:
I wanted to drop you and team a quick note to thank everyone at WCW for your excellent service over the past few years. Being able to trust and rely upon WCW’s expertise has been a blessing – especially since I live in Los Angeles and the rental property is in Topeka. I’ve never had to worry about tenant quality, rent timeliness or repairs – and recently you were able to quickly replace the current tenant after they gave notice thus avoiding any gap in rent. It’s the small things that make a big difference. It’s nice to know I’m in such great hands – please be sure to thank everyone for a job well done.

Aaron Bush -- Happy Owner

Recently my father moved into my household and we quickly discovered that our current duplex is much too small for three adults. My friend reminded me of the very nice, very helpful rental agent that had assisted her several years ago and gave me her phone number. I called Kristen Mayer with Rental City immediately and she was very helpful, but most important very hopeful that she could help me locate a house in my price range. To date Kristen has shown me several homes, one of which I absolutely fell in love with. Unfortunately the house was too small but I am continuing to work with Kristen as she appears to be as determined as I am in finding the right home for my family. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that Kristen has a bubbly, cheerful personality that is quite contagious which is needed when one is facing a time of upheaval in their life. Thank you, Kristen!

Michele Shelton, Job Placement Specialist (And a Very Happy Tenant)

We rented a property from WCW for 2 years. Over that two years we had an excellent experience. Everyone from the office staff to the maintenance crew went above and beyond to make our experience a good one. They were professional, and always handled any issue we had in a timely manner. Thank you WCW!!!!

Amber Cooley (a happy tenant)

Tim was very polite and professional. He corrected the problems I had listed and he even did an additional task (fixed the door on the bathroom linen closet which stuck). I had left the house in a real mess when I went to run errands because I was packing in EVERY room. Tim assured me that I need not worry for his sake, because he understands moving isn’t easy. Thanks.

Rose Mary (Happy Owner)